Concrete5.6.3.1 installation to external MySQL database server

I'm trying to install v. to an external MySQL database server. However, I can't get past the setup screen where it asks for the DB information. It says "Unable to connect to database".

I've verified that I can connect to the external database server from my web server using the MySQL CLI. I'm able to connect and add tables to the database I've created for use in this install without issue. I also did a PHP test to verify it could connect and it was able to successfully.

I should also mention that the web server and database server are virtual machine instances setup on a private internal network. They are on the same subnet and can talk to each other without issue.

Any ideas on what other steps to try?

*UPDATE:* Finally figured out the problem. The web server's SELinux/ACL permissions needed to be modified so that the server had permission to connect to external databases. For any interested, this is the command:
setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect_db 1

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WebcentricLtd replied on at Permalink Reply
sound like you should be ok.
My only suggestion would be to recheck the details that are keyed in the form and then check and see if there is a more meaningful error message in the logfiles anywhere...
waylonrobert replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah there are no errors in the config file. I even tried installing Wordpress and am getting the same errors. Firewall is off on both machines as a means to rule them out.

Could it be trying to parse the internal IPs against public DNS? My DNS is configured by my employer at a router level I believe (not client side).
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
MySQL by default only allows access from localhost connections. In order to allow connections from other hosts you will have to modify your MySQL configuration and possibly your user access depending on what IP's you set up for the user you are using to connect to the database for your concrete5 install.

See for more information about the user restrictions and the bind address restrictions.
waylonrobert replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry if this wasn't clear; I can connect to the database server from
the web server CLI. I've already configured the database server to
accept remote connections including adding a user account that is
bound to the web server's internal IP. However when I attempt to
install concrete5 on the web server and specify the internal IP of the
database server (the same internal IP that has been bound to the
database server's my.cnf file), I'm greeted with "unable to connect to
the database" messages. Nothing appears in any logs either (at least
the logs I know of). For good measure I also disabled the firewalls on
both servers to no avail. This is all attempted from computers
connected to the same local network.

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