Contact Form not working

Hi everyone,

First time on the forums so I will try and follow the rules as best as possible.

I am currently having some issues with my contact form. I am using the elemental template that comes with concrete5 and my hosting is HostGator. When I send a contact us message I don't get the email with my Hostgator email account, my cPanel email account I created... Where is the emails going! Also I was trying to set up the SMTP but I couldn't get that to work either. Is there any methods I am missing to figure out why the emails aren't going through. The test emails are working though ....


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Pluto replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello pouyat777
Have you seted the email address as administrator email about which you are saying?
pouyat777 replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there a way to confirm it is? I know that I log in as Admin and that the CMS recognizes my gmail account... Before when I created a account it worked fine but this time it just isn't cooperating
whydreamnreality replied on at Permalink Reply
I am also having issues with the contact form. I have checked the php settings on my server and even added
define('EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_ADDRESS', '[email protected]');
define('EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_NAME', 'My Name');
to my site.php with no luck.

when the form is submitted it is using the following: [email protected] How do you configure the form to use the correct email settings?

I've tried using the SMTP settings and verified the code with my hosting company (justhost) and I still do not receive any email or notifications from the form.

The forgot password portion of Concrete5 actually works and i receive the mail its just the Contact form.
tsdonohue5 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've had two sites just have the form stop working. Ive seen Form block problems in the past where I've had to hack at the controller file in the Form block to get it to work. I've just tried that again but can't get it to work this time. I have other C5 sites that have same form working. But same version and same server. This site is basic with no custom code. WTH?

I've spent the weekend hacking at this when I should be doing other things for my business. I don't understand how this can just break. And even worse I can't hack it like last time.

Luckily this site is simple and just going to port to WordPress but still waste of time but it's that or I custom code the forms. But I'd rather build up my WP portfolio at this time. Frustrated.