Continuous Loop Installation Issue

I'm trying to install Concrete5.7.5.6 from the recommended localhost serve directory on my local computer (xampp/htdocs). I've zipped the install file into htdocs and it goes fine up to the page where the settings for server name and password, etc. are found, I enter the MySQL database name and password, etc., and nothing happens but a continuous loop, just times out with this error.

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2006] MySQL server has gone away

I'm surprised at the lack of detailed instructions in the installation documentation as to exactly what goes in Site Information, Administrator Information and Database Information. At least I didn't see anything listed in the instructions. Any help will be appreciated. I'm using Windows 10, but might try my Linux box next. Jerry in Michigan, USA

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BearJerCares replied on at Permalink Reply
I discovered my error and was able to install Concrete5 fine after I made the correction.

Because I had to use port 8080 instead of the normal port 80 for my localhost, I put localhost:8080 in the field for SERVER NAME. Even though I must enter a URL for localhost as localhost:8080, when I dropped the 8080 from the SERVER NAME on the installation page for Concrete5 and entered only localhost, the installation worked perfectly. Learning something new all the time....

Jerry in Michigan, USA