Corrupted pdf after upload? Help Needed

Here is my problem

I have uploaded a pdf file of 2.3MB and post it on my site. When you download the file Adobe Reader gives the message the file can't be opened because the document type is not supported or the file has been damaged. A smaller pdf works fine (rfid paper is placed on same website).

- dashboard file information is correct (file size and type)
- constraints in php ini for post and upload are both 50M
- original file can be openend in pdfreader
- uploaded file multiple times but all with same result

location of the file on website that can be opened:

page where the download file link ("Kiva") is placed that gives a corrupted pdf:

If any one knows the solution for this problem
please help me :)

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sydncall replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having the same problem. My file downloaded is a pdf portfolio. I have no problems that i know of with regular pdfs. Did you ever find the solution?
mfe300 replied on at Permalink Reply
no I choose to try alternatives to concrete5 / write my own php+html+css pages
jshannon replied on at Permalink Reply
I came across a similar problem with images. Turned out that there were some blank lines in one of the PHP files that were being included (specifically one of my /config files, and thus the blank lines would get included into the image.

You can try to hunt those down or add an ob_clean() to the download function, as in