creating a survey using php

PHP newbie

I found this code searching the web:

I tried pasting the code on the menu on the left of the above link using a HTML block website which did not work.

Can someone explain what I need to do to get this code to work with concrete5?


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You are looking at a moderate amount of php work to integrate such a form into a concrete5 block. Not just setting up your form, but modifying the way the form is structured to work within c5 and then catching and processing the results. If you are not an experienced php developer, this is quite an advanced first project.

Some alternatives:
- Use the existing survey block that comes with c5.
- Look through the extended and advanced form addons, there may be one that meets your requirement.
- Use an external form service such as woohoo (there is an interface block in the addons).
ughly replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank You.