[Updated: 5.7.5] DB migration - case sensitive bugs

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I have migrated a concrete5 test version from Windows EasyPHP to a webserver with Linux.
I have faced problems with a case sensitive MySQL.
If you are confronted to the same problem, these SQL queries can help you :

- [new] for Concrete5.7.5: https://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/installation/db-migrating...

- for Concrete5.7.4.2: https://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/installation/db-migrating...

- for Concrete5.7.3.x:

rename table `arealayoutcolumns` to `AreaLayoutColumns` ;
rename table `arealayoutcustomcolumns` to `AreaLayoutCustomColumns` ;
rename table `arealayoutpresets` to `AreaLayoutPresets` ;
rename table `arealayouts` to `AreaLayouts` ;
rename table `arealayoutthemegridcolumns` to `AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns` ;
rename table `areapermissionassignments` to `AreaPermissionAssignments` ;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList` ;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom` ;
rename table `areas` to `Areas` ;
rename table `ataddress` to `atAddress` ;
rename table `ataddresscustomcountries` to `atAddressCustomCountries` ;
rename table `ataddresssettings` to `atAddressSettings` ;
rename table `atboolean` to `atBoolean` ;
rename table `atbooleansettings` to `atBooleanSettings` ;
rename table `atdatetime` to `atDateTime` ;

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Uranus replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks , this is really helpful. You can also use' Database Case Sensitivity Migration'
https://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/database-case-sensitivi... addon
for case sensitivity issue.

lyc replied on at Permalink Reply

This seems to be a good file!

But it seems also that this add-on is from version 5.4 to 5.6.
I'm using 5.7, and maybe it works with. But I found some files on the internet listing the 5.5 tables: compared to 5.7, a lot are missing...


Draze replied on at Permalink Reply
You sir, are a hero. I am also running 5.7 and could not find any easy fixes, but your SQL code worked perfectly to fix my problem.

Just to note, I was getting an error about <mydatabasename>.Package could not be found, but it was because of migrating a mySQL database from Windows to mySQL database on Linux.
lyc replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

New code for the latest version:

RENAME TABLE arealayoutcolumns TO AreaLayoutColumns ;
RENAME TABLE arealayoutcustomcolumns TO AreaLayoutCustomColumns ;
RENAME TABLE arealayoutpresets TO AreaLayoutPresets ;
RENAME TABLE arealayouts TO AreaLayouts ;
RENAME TABLE arealayoutthemegridcolumns TO AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns ;
RENAME TABLE areapermissionassignments TO AreaPermissionAssignments ;
RENAME TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist TO AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList ;
RENAME TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom TO AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom ;
RENAME TABLE areas TO Areas ;
RENAME TABLE ataddress TO atAddress ;
RENAME TABLE ataddresscustomcountries TO atAddressCustomCountries ;
RENAME TABLE ataddresssettings TO atAddressSettings ;
RENAME TABLE atboolean TO atBoolean ;
RENAME TABLE atbooleansettings TO atBooleanSettings ;
RENAME TABLE atdatetime TO atDateTime ;

One line added.

--> SQL file: https://www.sendspace.com/file/6wuc9b...
lyc replied on at Permalink Reply
Now, new SQL code for database migration to 5.7.5 :

RENAME TABLE arealayoutcolumns to AreaLayoutColumns ; 
RENAME TABLE arealayoutcustomcolumns to AreaLayoutCustomColumns ; 
RENAME TABLE arealayoutpresets to AreaLayoutPresets ; 
RENAME TABLE arealayouts to AreaLayouts ; 
RENAME TABLE arealayoutsusingpresets to AreaLayoutsUsingPresets ; 
RENAME TABLE arealayoutthemegridcolumns to AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns ; 
RENAME TABLE areapermissionassignments to AreaPermissionAssignments ; 
RENAME TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist to AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList ; 
RENAME TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom to AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom ; 
RENAME TABLE areas to Areas ; 
RENAME TABLE ataddress to atAddress ; 
RENAME TABLE ataddresscustomcountries to atAddressCustomCountries ; 
RENAME TABLE ataddresssettings to atAddressSettings ; 
RENAME TABLE atboolean to atBoolean ; 
RENAME TABLE atbooleansettings to atBooleanSettings ;