Different Nav between Admin and User

I'm initially trying to install and setup a Horizontal navigation with the Default Elemental Theme.

Under the Sitewide Header Navigation I created a HTML Block with just href links to the pages I wanted. (Didn't want every page showing up)

So if I'm logged in as an Admin I see
Home | Link | Link | Link
(This is what I want)

But when I log in as a User I get the full vertical Navigation of All pages (not what I want)
Tested it on Microsoft Edge & Chrome.

Any Idea of what I did wrong?

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robandvenus replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, may not be the "correct" way, but it did work.
In the header.php file I changed

$a = new GlobalArea('Header Navigation');


$a = new GlobalArea('Add Navagation');

And re added my HTML code for the navagation.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi robandvenus,

I was unable to reproduce the issue, but wanted to suggest using the Manual Nav add-on for creating your navigation.

It is easier to work with than using the HTML block.

Did you add the HTML block in the editing interface or in the stack for that area?