Disaster recovery guide?


I tried to find some kind of disaster recovery guide how to restore concrete5 site if I only have database backup left. I made a bew installation and restored backup to clean database. Maybe I'm missing some critical steps to get my site working again.

Any tips would be nice. :)


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PaiviK replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Antti

It's not quite clear what is the problem, but here goes...

- You need not only the database, but also other old files from your site: application and packages folders.

- When you install new C5, do you have correct database name, username and password on application/config/database.php file?

- I usually move or restore sites locally on MAMP first. And I usually need to remove ”seo” lines from concrete.php file (application/config/generated_overrides/concrete.php). As you are at it, it might be helpful to chance cache from ”true” to ”false”.

Mikkonen replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Päivi

Actually the problem is how to "rollback" to previous version (only databases are backed up) if something goes wrong during updates.