Does anyone know how to install old versions of Concrete 5 (rather than the most recent?)


Does anyone know how to install an old version of Concrete 5....?

I have just bought some hosting with TMD, who I have used before and seem very good (considering they are a budget option etc). They have a Softaculous install option that works fine...

The only thing is that it now installs the latest version of C5 (, and the site I have built on my desktop uses stuff that needs things in the 5.3.0 — region....

I have done web search that indicated that 'Installatron' would allow the installing of previous versions, but I tried that and it simply failed to install anything (I got a series of error messages indicating that C5 could not be installed on my server - even tho Softaculous installs it perfectly each time!?)

Doe anyone out there have any ideas? I'd happily try to install C5 manually but am not really a technical person so don't really understand the install instructions (unless anyone knows of a real 'idiots guide' to doing it....)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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TammyM replied on at Permalink Reply
The blind leading the blind here, but you might try the "BitNami no-hassle stack installer." It's on the downloads page, along with the older c5 versions:
cbatkin replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for this - I had looked at that quickly but, probably wrongly, assumed it was just for installing it on a local server on one's home machine.... will have a re-look and let you know how I get on!! Thanks again! Kind regards, Clive