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I recently purchased the eCommerce for Snipcart. I realized after downloading and trying to install it, that it doesn't support my version of Concrete5 ( Is there a free update available that will allow it to be successfully installed in my version? Otherwise, how would I go about getting a refund?


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the add-on page says it's compatible from 5.7.3 so it should work on your site.

You can ask for support by going here:
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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
If you have version, you should be being served version 1.3.1 of the add-on.
The latest version of the add-on, 1.3.3. should also install into as the minimum version in the actual package is - so I'm not sure what you are experiencing here.

The best way to seek support is to put in a support request via the marketplace page, otherwise an appeal for help or a refund can be missed (I only was made aware of this by other members of the community)

I've not found your concrete5 account name in my sales list (or in my emails), so you'll need to place that support request using the account you used to purchase the add-on.

@WebDevNL - your advice to seek a refund via Paypal here is completely unnecessary and only complicates things. The correct process is to contact the developer first, try to have things resolved/fixed. If then it's unresolvable or something was misleading about the sale (i.e. the add-on advertised something it can do and it can't), then a request for a refund can be made and handled that way.
Then the next step is that if the developer is unresponsive, the best thing to do is contact concrete5 itself, generally Franz, and they/he investigate and resolve from there.

Communication is the key with all things like this.
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My apologies. I got the name of the product wrong (was looking at a different solution after this problem).

The product is actually for eCommerce Express by jb1. Does anyone know if this can be made compatible with Concrete5 version
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I'm closing this as it referenced the wrong product.