How to re-connect my site to "my concrete5 sites"?

I go to dashboard/extend/add-ons but it's empty. No addon nor theme are displayed.
I have released my project from C5 community but there is no change. I don't know how to reconect it. What can I do?

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MattWaters replied on at Permalink Reply
When you go to Dashboard > Extend concrete5, do you see the "Connect to Community" button? What happens when you click it?
frankysev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello MattWaters. Thank you for your answer.

When I go to Dashboard > Extend concrete5 > add functionality, there is no "Connect to Community" button.

I can see the list of theme and add-ons under "Currently installed" and at the bottom:
Project Page
Your site is currently connected to the concrete5 community. Your project page URL is:

I go to that address and it's displayed:
My concrete5 Sites
You have not connected any sites to the concrete5 community.

How can I fix that issue?
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Frankysev,
Have you read this How-to
I made the db erasures it mentions to successfully regain Project Page access on one of my sites.
Hope this helps :)

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frankysev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Adreco!
Thanks for your answer. I followed each step in that how-to
but it still doesn't work. :(
Any additional help?