Error during upgrade

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Tried to update from 8.4.5 to 8.5.0
Got error during the prosess and everything is down.
The fault message is:
Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_COMPILE_ERROR)
Cannot use Exception as Exception because the name is already in use

I will be grateful for any help

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kanados replied on at Permalink Reply
Tried updating from 8.4.4 to 8.5 getting exact same error as well.
emiel275 replied on at Permalink Reply
I also tried updating from 8.4.4 to 8.5 and getting same error
SmoothPixel replied on at Permalink Reply
I had the same error and I've managed to fix it.

I remembered reading in the 8.5.0 Release Notes about automatically changing the database collation to UTF8mb4. The error is related to this so I went into phpMyAdmin and changed the collation there:

Go to Operations tab, find the Collation option, select "utf8mb4_general_ci" from the list and select "Change all tables Collations".

I still had problems, and needed to upgrade to php7.1 in order to get the website working.

Hope that helps :-)