Error for XAMPP on Mac: Writable Files and Configuration Directories

Hi All,

I am trying to install C5 on my Mac using XAMPP. The install screen tested for "required items", and said I had a problem with "Writable Files and Configuration Directories". It says "The config/, packages/ and files/ directories must be writable by your server."

Here is what I did to get there:
1. I downloaded C5, unzipped it, renamed the folder "concrete5", dragged it into XAMPP/htdocs
2. Entered my password to allow "/htdocs" to be modified
3. Created a new database called "concrete5" through localhost/phpmyadmin
4. Pointed my browser to "localhost/concrete5"
5. Clicked "continue installation"

That brings me to the testing page at "http://localhost/concrete5/index.php/install/" with the error message. I've checked the forums, and people are saying you have to change the "permissions" on the directories to "775" or "755". I used google to figure out what the numbers mean, can anyone tell me how to change permissions on XAMPP (on a Mac)?

I appreciate your help.


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dclatzen replied on at Permalink Reply
I kept searching and found a method on the Apache friends forum.

Here is a summary of the solution in case it helps anyone else:
I right-clicked on the folders in the Finder window, and clicked "Get Info".
In the "Sharing and Permissions" section I changed the permission for "Everyone" to "Read and Write".
Then I clicked the padlock, and entered my password.
I clicked on the gear icon next to + / -, and selected "Apply to enclosed items."
After going through that process for each problem-folder, I clicked the "test again" button on the test page.
The red x went away, replaced by a green check-mark.

If there is a better way, please post it. I don't know what security issues there are with allowing "Everyone" to read and write. I'm new to this.

HeronBlade replied on at Permalink Reply
I ran into the exact same problem you had, and it was because the unzipper I was using was not unzipping blank folders. Make sure that you are getting all the proper folders unzipped