Error JavaScript ? I can no longer save any content

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Hello we have had the problem of not adding any more content or changing existing content on some systems for some time.

When I click Save, nothing happens.
The developer console shows me the following error:

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I've tried the following so far. Update C5 to version 5.8.4
All caches emptied, caching switched off under performance optimization. Browser cache cleared. Tested it with different browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox).

Under: / dashboard / system / basics / editor
all extensions disabled and caches emptied to no avail.
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Where else could I look does the error message say something to someone?


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
This line in your error log message takes you to the relevant help file.
VM697:21 [CKEDITOR] For more information about this error go to

It refers to "editorName: The name of the already attached editor." which is "cke-50fa503218ae0d7d8763a7be32f4eb8b"

This would appear to be saying that you already have an instance of CK Editor open and are trying to open a second instance.