Error occured when upgrading from to 8.2.1

I was upgrading a website from to version 8.2.1. but an error occurred that says

Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message
Class 'Application\Src\Editor\LinkAbstractor' not found

#0 Whoops\Exception\ErrorException in /public_html/production_test/application/blocks/content/controller.php:23

The website is successfully upgraded and I'm able to login to the website and navigate through the dashboard, but everytime I visit a page it gives me this error above.

What could be the problem?

I tried to rename the controller.php file that is giving me the error, and the website works great without giving any errors, but I'm afraid by removing that file it will remove a feature from the dashboard or something.

I'd appreciate your help, thank you.

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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Since the offending file is in the 'application' directory, it probably corresponds to a site-specific customisation; in particular, over-riding the default behaviour of the 'content' block.

c5 significantly changed the content block from 5.7 (redactor) to 5.8 (ckeditor). This means that your prior customisation may no longer be compatible with other aspects of the block it's over-riding.