Error upgrading to

I "upgraded" today to using Softaculous and all pages on my site were erased with this message:

An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT t0.issID AS issID1, t0.customClass AS customClass2, t0.backgroundColor AS backgroundColor3, t0.backgroundImageFileID AS backgroundImageFileID4, t0.backgroundRepeat AS backgroundRepeat5, t0.borderColor AS borderColor6, t0.borderStyle AS borderStyle7, t0.borderWidth AS borderWidth8, t0.borderRadius AS borderRadius9, t0.baseFontSize AS baseFontSize10, t0.alignment AS alignment11, t0.textColor AS textColor12, t0.linkColor AS linkColor13, t0.marginTop AS marginTop14, t0.marginBottom AS marginBottom15, t0.marginLeft AS marginLeft16, t0.marginRight AS marginRight17, t0.paddingTop AS paddingTop18, t0.paddingBottom AS paddingBottom19, t0.paddingLeft AS paddingLeft20, t0.paddingRight AS paddingRight21, t0.rotate AS rotate22, t0.boxShadowHorizontal AS boxShadowHorizontal23, t0.boxShadowVertical AS boxShadowVertical24, t0.boxShadowBlur AS boxShadowBlur25, t0.boxShadowSpread AS boxShadowSpread26, t0.boxShadowColor AS boxShadowColor27, t0.hideOnExtraSmallDevice AS hideOnExtraSmallDevice28, t0.hideOnSmallDevice AS hideOnSmallDevice29, t0.hideOnMediumDevice AS hideOnMediumDevice30, t0.hideOnLargeDevice AS hideOnLargeDevice31 FROM StyleCustomizerInlineStyleSets t0 WHERE t0.issID = ?' with params ["30"]: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 't0.hideOnExtraSmallDevice' in 'field list'

Then, I tried to reload the site as if loading for the first time, rather than an upgrade. I got:

'\"en_US\"' is not a valid locale identifier

I'm unable to edit, delete, or reload anything on the site. Any ideas? Thanks.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi stevengjackson,

This is an ongoing issue that is being discussed here:
talia7 replied on at Permalink Reply
I also upgraded, and got the long long long error message. The dashboard is ok, but the front end is simply not working.

I didn't get the locale identifier message.

I've followed the manual upgrade procedure a few times, carefully of course, but the same problem each time. (Deleting 'application/config/upgrade.php' quickly restores the site to it's working version)

But I'd really like to upgrade for some specific new features in the latest version.

Any thoughts?