Fatal Error: Call to undefined method IndexedSearch::reindexPage()

So I was just upgrading to the newest version of Concrete5 and was thrown this error message in the update. After navigating back to home and re-logging in everything seemed to be fine and I was able to finish the update.
I decided I wanted to change the Meta Title of my home page and when saving the changes was thrown this same error again specifically stating:

Fatal Error: Call to undefined method IndexedSearch::reindexPage()root/updates/concrete5.4.2/concrete/models/collection.php</b> on line <b>172</b><br>

Any Ideas?

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glockops replied on at Permalink Reply
Exact same problem. Just updated to 5.4.2 - received it when I updated through the dashboard. Updated again, worked fine. Tried to change the name of a page and receive this error as a javascript alert.
glockops replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I was able to comment out line 172 of the /concrete5.4.2/concrete/models/collection.php file and replace it with what was in the controller for version 5.4.1.

It *seems* to be working. I'm not sure it actually is, but at least I can edit pages again.

         // This is the code from the previous collection.php (5.4.1)
         $datetime = Loader::helper('date')->getSystemDateTime();
         $db->Replace('PageSearchIndex', array(
            'cID' => $this->getCollectionID(), 
            'cName' => $this->getCollectionName(), 
            'cDescription' => $this->getCollectionDescription(), 
            'cPath' => $this->getCollectionPath(),
            'cDatePublic' => $this->getCollectionDatePublic(), 
            'content' => $index->getBodyContentFromPage($this),
            'cDateLastIndexed' => $datetime
         ), array('cID'), true);
brennaH replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you ever have any insight into this issue? My test upgrade on my development server is throwing this error and it's making me reluctant to upgrade in production. I'd like to know more about what is causing the error...

Thanks for your input.

cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Reply
I did get this solved but I can't remember how...
Try glockops suggestion above.

Also, I was having a problem before the upgrade where my Search Index Cron Job was stuck spinning. When I solved that everything seemed to get better. So Try searching for that in the forums as well.
pixelhandler replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I had to apply the same change to my update to

attached is code snippet
brennaH replied on at Permalink Reply
Just as an FYI for others who might be in the same boat: I had forgotten that at one point I had overridden the 'library/database_indexed_search.php' file in order to improve search results on my site. When I removed this file, the errors went away (and we are no longer using the c5 native search so it was no big deal). Worth a check if you are experiencing this issue.
fastcrash replied on at Permalink Reply
yeah it definetly it. it's cause me trouble in old days,
i even start from sctratch again(fresh install), and i realize the culprit is databases_indexed_search.php in library root, dooh!
FrankFrey replied on at Permalink Reply
My best answer – thank you so much brennaH!