Fatal error: Class 'DateTime' not found... installation problem! SOLVED (PARTLY)

Hey guys!

I moved the files to the server, filled in the site info and data base info and started to install.

And then comes the red box:
Fatal error: Class 'DateTime' not found in /export/home2/dom-r000769y/uusimellakka/concrete/core/helpers/date.php on line 82

Can I do anything for that? I have installed Concrete5 several times and no problems have occured. Now this, and I have no idea what to do.

The server where I´m installing the site, is a filthy piece of ****, There´s always some problems with this specific server. There isn´t any control panel, where I could change the settings...

THe Concrete5 version is but I don´t have any information of the server :( The real address for the page iswww.www.mielakka.com/uusimellakka,... but they change the address for that "r000769y" in server. I´m not very familiar for these server stuff...

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funnypurple replied on at Permalink Reply
I figured out, that the problem is because server is running PHP 5.1., and newest C5 needs 5.2

Well, i have to find older version of C5, because server host won´t update PHP and my client won´t change the host. Great.