Fileinfo Extension Not Enabled on Local WAMP Stack

I am trying to install 5.8 on a Bitnami WAMP stack on my local computer. I am getting a "Fileinfo Exension Enabled" fail on the installation setup.

How would I enable the fileinfo extension?

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I received that fileinfo extension error as well when trying to install concrete5 on MAMP (On Windows). Although it is not WAMP this solution might work.
I had to edit the php.ini file, which with some research I finally located in MAMP/conf/php7.2.1
Or whatever version of php you are using. It might be easier to find in WAMP.
All I had to do was add the line > extension=php_fileinfo.dll < then restart MAMP.

So open the php.ini file in notepad or whatever text editor you use and search for "extension=" and you will get to the list of extension=whatever.dlls. add this line > "extension=php_fileinfo.dll" ... After restarting MAMP and doing the concrete5 install test, I got the green checkmark for all.