Form Notifications not being recieved by email


I am taking delivery of a new website that is presently hosted with another company. A copy of this website has been transferred to my web server (windows 2008 / IIS 7).

The website contains many forms, when the forms are filled in they can be viewed within the dashboard ok, however when carrying out testing I do not recieve any email notifications, but they do work on the other company that presently hosts the website.

Is there a setting(s) I should check or is this a hosting / email problem?

This is the website on my servers I am referring tohttp://

I am not responsible for email within the company, but suspect email servers may not be configured for POP3 or SMTP, if this was the case, is there a way around this?



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madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
First place I would suggest to look would be in the logs on C5.
Dashboard - Reports - Logs this will show you if mails have been sent out and to whom.
I came across a similar thing once but it my case I was hosting the site and the mail was on another server, let me know if that's the case and I will explain how I got round it.
blokeybloke replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Madeforspace

Thank you for your reply.

I checked the logs and they are there, although the "sent from" email address is from the web designer.

At present the website is hosted by Heart Internet and form notification emails work ok, but when it is on our server we do not recieve any form notifications whatsoever.

Will your "workaround" that you mention work in this scenario?


blokeybloke replied on at Permalink Reply
P.S.!!! just found this in the logfiles...

Mail Exception Occurred. Unable to send mail: '' does not match the expected structure for a DNS hostname, '' does not appear to be a valid local network name
#0 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\libraries\3rdparty\Zend\Mail\Protocol\Smtp.php(156): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Abstract->__construct('', 465)
#1 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\libraries\3rdparty\Zend\Mail\Protocol\Smtp\Auth\Login.php(76): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Smtp->__construct('', NULL, Array)
#2 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\libraries\3rdparty\Zend\Mail\Transport\Smtp.php(198): Zend_Mail_Protocol_Smtp_Auth_Login->__construct('', NULL, Array)
#3 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\libraries\3rdparty\Zend\Mail\Transport\Abstract.php(348): Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp->_sendMail()
#4 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\libraries\3rdparty\Zend\Mail.php(1194): Zend_Mail_Transport_Abstract->send(Object(Zend_Mail))
#5 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\helpers\mail.php(290): Zend_Mail->send(Object(Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp))
#6 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\blocks\form\controller.php(349): MailHelper->sendMail()
#7 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\models\block.php(324): FormBlockController->action_submit_form()
#8 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\startup\process.php(270): Block->passThruBlock('submit_form')
#9 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\concrete\dispatcher.php(249): require('D:\inetpub\Akht...')
#10 D:\inetpub\Akhter2012\index.php(2): require('D:\inetpub\Akht...')
#11 {main}
Template Used: block_form_submission
To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: Projection Screens Form Submission
There has been a submission of the form Projection Screens on through your concrete5 website.
madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
The email sending address is always the super user account so thats why their address is being used, if you know which account is the super user (admin) you can change the mail address to what you want.

If you cant access the super user account to change the mail address you can always add into the site.php file in your /config folder and add the following line if you are comfortable with code.

define('FORM_BLOCK_SENDER_EMAIL', '[email protected]');
madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
My scenario was a site hosted with me and the DNS A records pointed at my server but the MX records pointed to another server, is that the set up you may end up with?

The error messages you showed earlier are for wiser heads than mine but I would recommend if at all possible to host this site on a Linux server, I have been stuck with issues with C5 sites on Windows servers and you will find that a large % of people on these forums are using Linux.
blokeybloke replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi thanks for the above replies

One of our technicians is trying to configure / work on the email problem, he is asking:

Where in the PHP code is the mail function and settings set?



P.s he is not familiar with Concrete
madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
If you go to the root then look for a folder called config.
Make sure it is not concrete/config, never touch anything in /concrete as that is the core and can cause a whole load of trouble if you touch that and are not 100% confident.
In the /config folder is a file called site.php and you need to add the above code with the email address you want form submission to come from.

I hope it works out for you on the Windows server.