Forms with paypal - form doesn't submit

Hi all

I purchased the "Forms with paypal" and created a form and test the whole transaction process with my own paypal account. The Money successfully transfer to the seller account.
but i didn't not receive the form submission in my email account. I did setup the "Notify me when payment completes" with my email address. and also tick the "Send confirmation / receipt email after payment", but i only received the invoice from paypal. I assume that should be another one?? Even i went back to my dashboard and check under "Forms with Paypal", the submissions show as "0", thats probably why I wasn't seeing anything come through.

The only thing i can think of that might cause the issue is i update concrete5 to 5.42 after install the forms with paypal add on. I had tried uninstall the add on and download again and reinstall it, but it doesn't help.

I reported the problem on Tuesday to the developer, but still waiting to hear back from them. This is getting urgent, just wondering if any expert here have any idea of how to fix this issue?

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curiousconcepts replied on at Permalink Reply
anyone have any idea please? really need some help on this..
phatworks replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, I'm not sure if you saw the response we sent through the Support feature. Here is what we sent:

"For most concrete5 users, this add-on works fine right away. But you may need to tell paypal specifically to use the right IPN listener. Try this:
- Login to your PayPal account at
- Click on My Account tab
- Click on Profile --> More Options
- Click on My selling tools
- Look for "Instant payment notifications"
- Click "Update" on that row
- On the next page, click Choose IPN Settings
- Put this for the Notification URL:http://[]/packages/forms_with_paypal_payment/blocks/form...
- select "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)"
- then press Save button

Let me know if that fixes the problem. Also make sure you have a paypal account that works with Website Payments Standard. "
bjalexander replied on at Permalink Reply
This URL no longer works. IPN listener is now located in "tools" folder. Correct address for Paypal IPN Notification is:
bhspuk replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, having the same problem as this. The form works generates the payment, but is not saving the details on the add-on to view on the dashboard. It worked up until 19:30 last night. We have people using the forms all the time so really need an urgent response!!

Have inputted the URL from the previous post you replied to into Paypal and switched on IPN. Is the URL still correct as I see it is an old thread. How do i check we have the right IPN URL?