Getting started with Qnap TS-412


Just got myself Qnap NAS and installed Concrete 5.0 to set pages just to use my NAS files over internet. And setting this up sounds easy, but Im stuck in log-in phase :)

So few questions for noobs, hopefully they get answered and help other too. All the help files start from phase, where you allready can modify the page, I haven't got that far...

-I get "log in to modify.." but where do I make the account? NAS admin account or the concrete account don't work here...

-Is this easy, visual way to share my pictures and videos over internet? I was planning single point, where I choose wether I want to look my videos or pictures. (using tablets, phone, computers... android, Win7, Win8) Or should I ditch this and use something other program?

I have to work out some issues with VPN to get file sharing through internet working. I wa shoping using concrete would help to make it visual so grandmothers and other "not-so-fluent-with-computers" can use those files too...

Hope I get some answers beside, "If you don't know how to setup, you shouldn't do this"

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peterstahls replied on at Permalink Reply
its admin admin...

Took me a while. too!
peterstahls replied on at Permalink Reply
its admin admin

took me a while, too!
Have fun