Table Structure to Handle sessions from the DB in Concrete 5.7?

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I was wondering if anyone knew the tables/table layout required to handle sessions from the database?

I'm having problems with running sessions the normal method with my current web host provider (They haven't yet been helpful in resolving the issue) so I'd like to give this a go but don't know the required tables.

I've enabled table sessions following instructions in this post:

and I've tried the table design from:
But I assume this was the design required for 5.6 as it doesn't work.

Has anyone else already done this? and hence know the table layout? I can't find any more references anywhere.


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Mainio replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In 5.7 the Sessions table is automatically installed with concrete5.

Here is its structure:
ginbin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Mainio for your quick help!

After looking at that table structure, I've gone back through the database and figured out my development mySQL server defaulted all the tables to lowercase whilst the live server did not. (Hence couldn't find the table).

Thanks for that link too, good to be able to easily view the database structure!

Really Appreciate it!
Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply

Hopefully you are also aware of this tool: