How do I install a theme?

I have a purchased theme. In my Concrete5 account that theme is linked to a domain name. At that Domain name, I have installed Concrete5 using Softaculous. At the Concrete5 Dashboard of the website, I try to install my purchased theme.

The only option I am given is to purchase the theme again. I cannot figure out how to install the theme. The domain name is connected to the Concrete5 community, and the theme is connected to the domain name. But the only option I am given is to purchase the theme. But I have already purchased it.

Please advise. THANKS.

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tamarosher replied on at Permalink Reply
I somehow figured out how to get the theme installed. I don't know what I did, but I clicked something that worked.
bakednsconed replied on at Permalink Reply
Same problem! Does anyone have any helpful hints?
ddauwg replied on at Permalink Reply
In the dashboard you will need to select "Extend concrete5". Then you will see a list of blocks or themes that you have available to download/install.

Hope this helps.
Imperative replied on at Permalink Reply
This can be confusing at first - for anyone else who stumbles on this.

Your active themes will install to the ./concrete/themes/ folder. If you want to install a theme, it should go in the ./themes/ folder. If you put the theme inside of your active directory, the software will ignore it.

This is especially baffling to anybody coming from WordPress, where we would just plop a new theme down in the ./wp-content/themes and hit activate.