How do i work offline w/ Concrete5

Coming from hardcoding and using Dreamweaver, I love being in control of everything...I especially love being able to work on the whole website and test it OFFLINE, locally, local webserver, and just upload when all is ready..

I'm new to C5, but i'm hoping there's a way to do this w/ C5? I'm, 99% of the time, gona be working on the site locally.. it's just faster that way for me (except for small content updates)...

I have installed already c5 on my local XAMPP install , and everything's great.. but will this break when I upload it to the actual site? I noticed the setup didnt ask for a .com domain name, so im guessing the system doesnt refer to .com url , but rather does local reference to its internal links and sorts? this is the problem i've had w/ WP and other CMS i've tried.. since the whole system uses the toplevel domain , i can't work on the sites offline.. im forced to run it online always..

On a similar note, i'm a heavy PHP programmer, and I love the option C5 has for PHP Blocks.. i just downloaded a block and when I wanted to install it, it seems C5 doesnt have option for locally installing the addon.. and perhaps other extentions and themes? The dashboard always asks me to connect to the community w/c kinda sucks for me... again i'm trying to keep things local for speed and ease. i have no problem synchronizing files and databases in one click.. but i really need to be able to do everything offline

I was itching to simply add the plugin/block folder into the local file directory (bypassing the GUI/Dashboard) but im afraid this might complicate things..

please advise


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SuperNova replied on at Permalink Reply
If you are using a Windows based computer, you have to be aware about the camelCase problem, uploading your local created site to the webserver (or Linux OS):
cubewebsites replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I always work locally and deploy to servers once I'm happy. I can get a pretty good workflow using Netbeans, but you can use any IDE of choice.

SQLYog is my database management tool of choice, where it's quite easy to make a copy of databases between local, demo and live sites.

The newer versions of C5 doesn't require you to enter a domain, so it's quite portable. One thing you might have to look out for is when you enable Pretty URLS (the one's without the index.php). In this case it puts a RewriteBase rule in the .htaccess file which might differ based on where Concrete is running e.g. you local domain might be localhost.local/myconcretesite/ so your rewritebase is /myconcretesite/ whereas your live site will be running in the root so your rewritebase is /. Just make sure you have the correct base set on your various hosts if you are using this, or look into vhosts if you want a top level domain locally.

As SuperNova mentioned, If you're using WAMPP, XAMPP or similar, make sure you have lower_case_table_names set to 0 in your my.cnf (MySQL config) file.

For installing blocks and packages without connecting to Marketplace, that's easy enough. All you have to do is download the package file from the Marketplace and copy the extracted package files into /packages. Then go to Dashboard > Extend Concrete5 > Install (bottom of the Dashboard hover menu and Full Dashboard) which will show the package as being available to install.
BrownChiLD replied on at Permalink Reply
awesome help you guys.. thanks very very much