How do you create a new project?

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I've buit one concrete site for work and that is showing up as a project, but I have built a personal site and don't see how you create a new project for that site. I'm wondering if that is my problem with getting my add on to show up.

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ijessup replied on at Permalink Reply
Dashboard -> Sitewide Settings -> Connect to Community

Login Using your credentials.
tomcrockett replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, I've tried that and I get an account page with only one project listed and no way to add one.
vincentwansink replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same question. Not a very intuitive interface, that project list, if we can't even figure out how to add a new project.
tesslorraine replied on at Permalink Reply
Same question!
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
I might be mistaken but.... don't you log on to the community from the dashboard of your new site (either Pages & Themes or Add Functionality ?) and it creates a project for you automatically?

It is easy to upload themes and add-ons from your desktop so you don't Need a project page to have everything function ( I actually prefer downloading archives of all my purchases for ease of customizing )
rakuenblue replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there any solution to this question?
I have the same question. My account works as Adreco mentioned above, but my friend's account doesn't create Project even he is connected to the Community... and there seems no other way to add a Project.
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply

Connecting you project through dashboard places your project in your projects page on the Concrete website.

When you click 'project page' in the dashboard will only see the one project you connected with, however at the top of the project section (on Concrete) is the link that says 'Projects'.

Click on that and you should see your 'Projects' on another page.

hope that helped.
rakuenblue replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for the help, but I get a message under Project section of Concrete account, "You have not connected any sites to the concrete5 community." but in the dashboard, I see a message, "Your site is currently connected to the concrete5 community."

I have access to two separate concrete accounts. One works. The other one doesn't work. I'm wondering about hosting issue, because that's the only difference between two.

I had a different problem about connecting to community yesterday, and that was answered through this forum, switching browser from Firefox to Chrome. However, this problem doesn't fix by switching browser.
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply

Why have you got two accounts with concrete?

Could there a conflict and are you connecting to the right account at the right time with right project.

If you see what I mean?

Try using just one account with concrete, move everything into the one account.

I had two once and I got myself confused so deleted one.

BTW. Never had a problem connecting with any of my browsers and tend switch between Five.
sacp replied on at Permalink Reply
I also want to add a new project.
I have cloned a site and even after editing it's name on the dashboard it still shows under the original site (although it's on a diferent subdomain/url)
vincentwansink replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm having the same issue.

I want to connect my site to the concrete 5 community but to do so it says I have to log in as an owner of the project. Well since this project doesn't exist yet this is kind of impossible.

This is what the dialog on my site tells me:

"This site needs to be reconnected to the concrete5 community. This typically occurs because the site's base URL has changed. You must enter the username and password of a valid account. This user account must be associated with the project as an owner or developer."

It's a catch 22. I can't create the project because I can't connect to the community and I can't connect to the community because I can't create the project.

Surely there is a better way to do this.
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
If your project is based off cloning another, Julia pointed out to me the tip on editing your DB.

This worked like a charm for me :)
sacp replied on at Permalink Reply

It worked.
ycatsmot replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Any help from the Concrete5 staff on this issue? I am new to this CMS, and I'm having the same problem that so many other people have had, and no real solutions have been offered here yet.

From within my site's dashboard, I (supposedly) have successfully connected my site to the Community. From within my Concrete5 account profile, I (supposedly) don't have anything connected to the Community.

There was never an opportunity to choose to create a project when I made the connection, and it doesn't appear as though it happened automatically either.

I don't have any projects, and I can't create any projects. I have a few free add-on's that I can't install because of this, and I won't be purchasing any until I can around this roadblock.

I watched the video about connecting/project creation that was presented at the time of checkout, and things didn't happen that way for me. Could this be because my site is still running on ver.
julia replied on at Permalink Reply
In the Dashboard > Add Functionality screen, there should be a project page URL. Copy that and paste it into a private message to me and I can help you sort it out. Likely your site is connected to a different user account than the one you are logged in to with.

General info--the project page is created when you connect the site to the community. If you have copied another site as a starting point, you will need to purge the marketplace token from the database and reconnect to the community or else the community will think the original and the copy are the same site.
ColosseusVixion replied on at Permalink Reply
"The base URL of your site does not match a registered instance of the site. Please click below to authenticate your site again."

I can'tt get the website to connect to the community and via my account in the community I can't add a new project. This way I can't add functionality, can anyone help with this? the website:
Aquaire replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm struggling as a newcomer too...this is what is says:
You have not connected any sites to the concrete5 community.
I do not see anywhere that it says connect a site to the community or anything. I'm kind of confused as to where I should be looking as there seems to be three menus(one in light blue across the top, a concrete5 menu and a
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
You do this through your own site. You don't start here.
digi69 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, how is this done in the new As I can not find where to add site to my profile.

digi69 replied on at Permalink Reply
ok, so it wont be active until 5.7.1
bjalexander replied on at Permalink Reply
You don't do it through your project page on C5 - you do it through your new site. Do this:
Dashboard -> Extend Concrete5 -> Connect to community. It's really that easy.
thegoodgarden replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes the instructions say go to Dashboard, but I'm not getting to the dashboard page, but to a theme I haven't asked for. I'm trying to set up a project but can't... i'm following all the instructions, but because I can't get to the dashboard page I can't continue... any ideas?