Moving C5 - How to Backup to localhost for testing/development?

Trying to move a live site to localhost for development. I followed all steps here:

At STEP 5: "Modify your configuration file for the new site", I don't see any files in the root\application\config folder.

To workaround, I copied a generic database.php file generated from a different install & edited the database info, but now I get this error: An unexpected error occurred.
Class \Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\AccessUserSearchUserKey does not exist

Any ideas? New to c5. Been troubleshooting for hours.

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
There are more things that are supposed to be in the 'application/config' folder than just the database.php file.What's in your live 'application/config' folder?
websitewalrus replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not able to ftp into the site and view it's files, as it is currently being redirected.

But it shouldn't matter, right? I'm just trying to use a generic template with an existing database..

Just now, I installed a fresh c5 on a new database, and then edited the config file to point to the existing database. No dice, same error message as before.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
How did you edit your config file if you don't have FTP access?
websitewalrus replied on at Permalink Reply
Let me re-explain:

I have a site at, currently being redirected to, because needs to be edited and updated. I want to edit and update locally using WAMP. I backed up the database from, and installed a fresh version of c5 in WAMP using an empty database. Then I changed the config file of my fresh c5 install so it points to the database (now in localhost/phpmyadmin) but I am receiving the same error as outlined in my first post.

Hope this makes sense, thanks for your help!
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
The copy of the database that you are trying to use needs to match the files so using the copy of your live database on a fresh install will likely fail in unexpected ways. Here's what I do to clone a site.

1) On the live site, turn off Pretty URLs and all caching.
2) Clear the cache
3) Visit your live site's cPanel ->File Manager and create an archive of all your files in the root folder and download that zip file
4) Visit your live site's cPanel->phpMyAdmin and export your live database and download that file.
5) On your localhost, expand your zip file into the root of your server
6) Look in your new application/config/database.php file for your username, password and database name.
7) Create a new empty database using the same database name from step 6.
8) Open phpMyAdmin on your localhost and create a user with the same username and password from step 6 and give that user full privileges on your database..
9) Land on your localhost in your browser.
10) Log in and turn on Pretty URLs again.
11) Crack a beer and enjoy.
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
I just looked - when I just unzip the latest 5.7 version and look into the folders, /application/config is empty.

So it seems like the files are just created during the installation process (which needs write permissions to /application/config)

did you maybe not run through the install process but just copy the files there?
Uranus replied on at Permalink Reply

No need to install c5 on localhost just copy the files of your live server and import the live database into the new empty local database.
Change the
server, database, username and password with your local database details of
Also remember before copy the files and export database turn off pretty url and cache.

mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Uranus... pretty much exactly what I already told him.