How to clear WAMP yellow status

Stuck on getting your WAMP server status to green?

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Here is what I did on getting WAMP up to green.

One was that I already had another copy of MYSQL going. I had to stop that service:

1. Click on START
2. Run services.msc
3. Select MYSQL and click stop service.

I also checked to see if another service was running that was taking up port 80, which was needed for my localhost access. To clear programs take up port 80:

1. Click on Start
2. Run 'cmd' for the command line prompt.
3. Run 'netstat -aon' to see what if is listening.
4. If not, record the PID of any programs that is taking up port 80.
5. Press CTL ALT DEL to start up Task Manager.
6. Select the Processes tab.
7. Select View and then Select Columns
8. Checked mark PID and click Ok
9. Find the program with the same PID. Then highlight the offending program and ended the process.

Lastly, I closed the internet information service 7 that was taking up my local host. Here, I also ran services.msc, selected World Wide Web Services, and stopped the service.

After that, the yellow status on WAMP turned green almost immediately.

I hope that helps anyone working with WAMP for the first time.

If you type in localhost in your web browser it should bring up the WAMP logo. If not, you can try using Firefox or a different web browser in case your browser is corrupted.

The next step should be copying your concrete5 folder to your wamp directory and renaming the folder to www. You can erase the old www folder.

Before you install, you might want to change one setting in myphp.ini if the install stalls upon reaching the Dashboard installation. myphp.ini is accessible under the wamp console.

Change max_execution_time = 30 to max_execution_time = 180.

Apparently phpmyadmin times out if it spends too much time on one segment.

Once you install concrete5, remember that your default administrator username is 'admin'. You'll be using that to make changes to the user access. The password should be the same as the one in the install screen.

Thats it. If anyone else solves any issues, feel free to post'em here.