How to complete installation on my DreamHost Server

I installed Concrete5 via the one click apps on Dreamhost. I received an email providing this information:

Instructions for guiding you through the rest of the install process can be found here:

When I go to this link, I just don't have a clue where to put the information to complete the setup of Concrete5 on my server. Can someone help me? I'm not very savvy at this but can follow directions.

Thank you

This link was provided that takes me to Concrete5 site but I don't have a clue where to put the info. Can someone please help me?


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jelthure replied on at Permalink Reply
go to your domain where you've installed C5 and it will ask you to fill in the data you received in the email. If you do not see the installation page when you visit your domain, locate the "config" folder in the root of your install ( by either FTP or using your hosts web file manage ) and look for a file called "site.php" rename that file to something like "_site.php" and try accessing your domain again and you should see the install page. If that file is not there then you might have a corrupt install and should re-install.
hope this helps!
melski replied on at Permalink Reply
I've filled everything in according to the instructions in the email, but I keep getting a message that it is not able to connect to the database. Any ideas?
melski replied on at Permalink Reply
I got it! My duh!
ChuckBaggett replied on at Permalink Reply
What was the solution?

I'm having the same problem.
melski replied on at Permalink Reply
I had the server name wrong. I was using the actual server name. Instead you need to use the Hostname. For me it was

Also, be sure to use the user name and password in the email. Not the one you actually use to log in to Dream Panel.

I hope that helps!
ChuckBaggett replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm using the information from the email.
TherealBarabbas replied on at Permalink Reply
Chuck, are you still having problems?
I also am on Dreamhost, had no prob, as long as you follow the e-mail insructions.
ChuckBaggett replied on at Permalink Reply
A Dreamhost employee set it up for me, which means I didn't get the chance to figure out how to do it myself.

I have another question. Currently it is the Concrete5 managed pages appear . I'd like them to appear at How do you do that? Is that just a matter of not putting a folder name like concrete5 during the installation process or can that be changed later in the process?
py2k66 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Chuck,

You should be asking Dreamhost this but...

Whoever installed the site named a sub-directory "concrete5" at the beginning of the install so your site is yourdomain/concrete5.

To install in the root:

Click on "one click install" in Dreamhost manager under goodies, then on C5 installation when the screen appears click on "custom install" under that is install to: the first field is the root of the domain you want to install to i.e., the second field defines a sub-directory which was defined as "concrete5" when someone did the install, so to make it simple, if you want the site to appear at (whatever the extension)do not enter anything in the second field after the /.

admin replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry for reviving this thread, but I found it via Google and it looks like we've got Dreamhost users here, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I have tried several times to start a concrete5 site in a Dreamhost subdomain, always ending in mysterious failure. I've wiped the subdomain, I've deleted the sql databases, but nothing seems to help. I press the button for the simple install, I get the email that said the install was successful, I go to the concrete5 site url and enter the info provided by the email into the nice form and submit it, and after a long time I end up with an error message. I can see using the php admin tool that the sql database is being populated with tables etc., but the error message complains that something went wrong without giving me much clue what it was. Is there something else I need to do before I start the process? Thx.