How to fully backup my site?

Hi there, I am trying to do a full back up, not just the data. I've already done "Create a new backup", but I know this doesn't save any files. I have no idea where to begin, nor do I have any experience with phpMYAdmin.

My question is how to accomplish this:

"Also backup the files and directories

The database backup is not a complete backup of a site. You will also need to backup all the files and folders. In particular, the /files/ directory will change when files are uploaded and needs to be backed at the same time as the database so that database indexes to the files are consistent. How you backup files depends on your web host and what control panel or shell access is provided. At its simplest, you use an ftp program to download the file and directory structure. However, this will be a bit slow and creating a zipped backup on the server will be faster."

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
Well the really easy way is to download your site through ftp, though it takes forever!

If you can access the filesystem in cpanel or similar, you'd want to clear your cache in your concrete5 site, zip up your entire webroot and save it locally and perhaps in a directory on the server named backups or similar that is up from webroot directorywise or otherwise inaccessible so someone can't literally download your entire site :).

There are ways to do this with some shell scripting and things but it isn't anything that could be included in concrete5 core as it wouldn't work on a lot of shared hosting providers.
heartlandinternational replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Scott, thanks for the response. What would be the easiest way to do FTP? For either of the two possibilities, will I need to install some new program?
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
you'll literally have to sync a local folder with the remote website directory. I've done this with transmit but it does take a really long time since it has to recursively read a lot of directories vs simply zipping up the whole directory and downloading all of it at once.
michaelbard replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Scott,

I use FTP all the time, and I would have no problem making an FTP backup. If I do so, is it version dependent on concrete?

My problem is that I have a site that will not upgrade properly.