How to get to user profile?

Hi folks,

I'm still working on my first C5 installation, but I must be really missing something... How does a user get to their own profile to change pw, etc.? For that matter, even the admin! I can't find a link anywhere that just goes to "Edit Profile" I must have broken something, but I can't figure out where. Any ideas?

John Lock

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triplei replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi John,

Users can go to to update their information. You can control which attributes are available for them to update by editing the user attributes through the dashboard (

To update your own password, log in to the dashboard, click on users and groups on the left, then click on your username (usually admin). Then hit edit user in the top right.

That should do the trick.

jlock replied on at Permalink Reply
Doh! Of course... I had denied Users and Groups for the regular site users figuring they would not need access to other users (or create new ones). But I guess you have to leave that on to get to your own profile as well!

Thanks, much better now,

John Lock