How to Install Concrete5 Manually with a cPanel Host

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I thought I'd just share this. I've had a few clients ask me to do installs for them simply because they're uncertain of themselves when it comes to actually manipulating the files, changing permissions etc.

Since we use cPanel I wrote up a little guide and it has inspired a little more confidence than the normal c5 installation guide simply because of the amount of screenshots. This guide is meant for novice users to follow, those who don't even know what FTP is or how to chmod a file/directory.

Anyway, if anyone has any feedback on ways that this guide could be improved, it would be welcomed. I just figured since I took the time to do this for a few, I'd share it with many.

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FischerVision replied on at Permalink Reply
Why don't you use this:
And make for every new domain a new e-mail address so that you can use a free account.
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
We do use Softaculous 1 click installer; However, not all hosts provide these 1 click installers and I wanted to make it clear how to go about a manual install. I think there's something to be said for understanding what all is involved in the installation process too. C5's post on how to install manually is great for people who have done a setup of just about any other middleware, the target audience for this is really for those looking up how to do a manual installation that have never installed a website before.
SheldonB replied on at Permalink Reply
I think the how to is complete

* as a side note I would probably make a note that your file "c5help" could be any name, a new user could see the c5 in the folder name and assume that name is needed

I think you can add this to the hot-to section I don't see a cpanel how to

- I always manually install on a new host because the simplescript always seems to do something funny
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the feedback. I made the requested change to the guide and put a note at the top mentioning the c5help throughout the guide to be explicit.

I may look at tossing this over to concrete5's site in the how-to section when I get a little more time.