How-To Install in iPage

Maybe I'm just dumb. I have plenty of help for using concrete5, and building templates. But for the life of me I have no idea how to actually install c5 in iPage.

Any help?

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FernandoCordeiro replied on at Permalink Reply
First things first.

If you have PHP, MySQL and FTP, except for MAYBE some rare-bizarre conditions, C5 should work.

That said, it won't necessarily work out of the box.

For starters, from what I read, iPage has no Python. C5 Version Control runs in Python, so that's one buggy part of your install. Concrete5 can run without versions, but it's one loss, and we didn't even start solving anything.

Then you need all permissions set right, which possibly means CHMODding.

I've seen one host that used a different user for FTP and for running Scripts. On different Groups. I can't work with both, no matter what I do. That's nasty. They offered me a solution: Using my Script to connect to my FTP to upload the files that were already on the server, sent by the user, and said the way I was trying to do was "A wrong way used by 3rd parties". Seriously, if it's the case of any host you run into, run. Run fast, run far. No way to solve it.

Getting C5 to work also possibly means editing php.ini. If it's on safe mode, you can't do that. Another way it can never work.

It keeps getting trickier. I fiddled with GoDaddy, for example, and gave up because it was becoming too much work. People will be helpful here, you host support will probably be somewhat helpful, but you're pretty much alone on your hosting account (Noone else has access), and a bit of debugging will be needed.

If you're not very comfortable with that (I'm a PHP Developer and I get bored. Can happen to anyone), I'd advise you to look for a hosting in which C5 works out of the box.

You can spend hours and hours on it. But maybe it won't be possible, ant hen, is it work, like, 2 or 3 extra bucks per month, at most? Possibly the same price or even less...

Just my 5 cents.