how to manually install concrete5 at Bluehost

I am trying to install conrete5 Thai edition at Bluehost so anyone has installed concrete5 manually at Bluehost, please provide me the guide as the installation of the Thai edition is probably similar.

The Thai edition is conrete5 version

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garyjhills replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi Aleamio,

I have installed concrete5 on Bluehost quite a few times (English version)

The easiest way to do this manually is as follows: -

1. Connect with your hosting account and make sure that you have created your mysql database that you will use in concrete5. Making sure to note down your login and password.

2. Once done, get your ftp settings from within the cpanel and connect using your preferred choice of ftp client (I use filezilla)

3. Assuming you have a downloaded full version of concrete5 - you now need to ftp copy the entire concrete5 contents to the public_html folder (or sub folder if you are building the site in the background)

4. browse to your specified location or and you should be presented with the options to install concrete5. Add the information to the fields and off you go - remembering that server is localhost