Image upload thumbnail not created.

I have set the permission for files to 777. but when i am uploading image files through file manager i am not getting the success message only the loader continues loading. but if i am uploading other files like word file it is showing success message.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Jupiter,

It is possible the error is being suppressed. Debugging your site can help view detailed errors, here is the guide:

Are the image files large? It is possible you are hitting a limit in php, such as max_upload, or max_execution_time. If this is the case (you will know by the error when debugging), you can increase the value in your PHP settings. Here is a helpful guide:

I hope this helps,
Jupiter replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello johnpaulb

Thanks for your help. I am uploading a very small size image and i tried the procedure in debug mode. But i cant see any error. The same thing is happening. When ever i am uploading an image file the loader continues loading and don't stops.

TShane replied on at Permalink Reply
Try changing the file permissions to 755
Jupiter replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello TShane
Thanks for your reply. I tried that too. But it doesn't work.
Thanks @jupiter