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I have two installs of Concrete5 on the same server, one of which uploads and displays images fine however the other one will not upload files properly. Everything uploaded shows as 0.0kb file size and the red "x" displays when trying to use the file.

I can not for the life of me figure out why this is, the one where images upload properly required no changes to folder permissions however the one that wont work I have changed all folders to 777 and it still refuses to upload.

I am the webmaster so I can alter php settings etc however I dont think I need to seeing as one install works and the other doesnt. Both were installed the same day and on the same version both 8.2.1

Websites in question are: (Wont upload) (Uploads and displays images however thumbnails dont appear, not really an issue for me)

Any help would be appreciated as im looking to update all my websites from old styles to simple Concrete5 installs in the future.

UPDATE: Now it appears the website is uploading the files but will not display them, it just shows the file name? Not sure what is going on as previously the file would said it had uploaded but would then display 404 error on the file when trying to view the image.

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westwaleswebsites replied on at Permalink Reply
Just cleared the cache of KDS EPOS and now the whole installl has gone down displaying "An unexpected error occurred Class finfo not found"

Currently re-installing Apache, updating PHP & noticed finfo for some reason was not installed yet worked on the second installed site fine.

Will update with progress :)
westwaleswebsites replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

After re-installing Apache & PHP all seems to be working, result! Guess its just one of these things I will never figure out...