Importing excel or .csv files into ecommerce and Login question


I have just been given details of a major project I have to do and have a couple of questions about concrete5 e-commerce.

Question 1 is I will have approx 4500 products and want to know if ii is possible to import excel (.xls) files or .CSV files into the e-commerce add-on?

Question 2 is there will be a vast array of users to this website, the website requires login levels of different privileges, is there an automated login system I could use where the user registers and automatically is given a use name and password with no human interaction? i.e. I don't have to manually email users who register for the website?

Any help or advice much appreciated



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shwaydogg replied on at Permalink Reply
1) I believe this is your only option:


sitemap -> click on a page -> "set permissions" -> "who can view this page" to "registered user"

Dashboard -> system and settings -> Plublic registration -> On - signup and go

Start with that then customize it more with your own code.