Install error - unable to connect to db

I installed concrete5 on my Unix hosting shared server in the public_html folder. I'm getting the "unable to connect to data base" error in setup. My user name and password was copied and pasted from MySQL setup so I think it is accurate. I set all permissions to 777 in files/ and languages/. What have I missed?

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michaelmior replied on at Permalink Reply
Try connecting to your database from the command-line MySQL client to ensure proper connectivity. It's also possible you have the incorrect hostname for your database server.
docrocks replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't have the skills to try a SQL login. Here is what I've tried: for the Server I tried the shared IP address, the account domain name and the server alias used by the host - nothing worked.
The MySQL user/pw on the host has the format accountname_user and accountname_password. I tried those with and without the accountname_ and still can't connect. I've deleted and reinstalled the db also. Any ideas would be appreciated. I don't want to open a new hosting account with the just to try out concrete5.
stars replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I had this problem and my hosting company gave me the wrong info.
First port of call, ask them in your details are ok
and which host you are using ie.localhost doesnt work for me I had
when I asked support they told me to use
its stuff like this that will fry your brain, but keep up with it.

my learning curve is going great, much better than reading some dull book on this!! :)
docrocks replied on at Permalink Reply
Right - I'll ping the helpdesk - thanks.