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Before installing C5 I would like to know if I should be installing the contents of the C5 ZIP file into a directory or simply copy the files as they are to the root of my web directory?

Could someone explain the consequences of both installation methods?


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beeman89045 replied on at Permalink Reply
[edit ... misread this earlier] It's worked for me either way (root or C5 as mentioned below).

Using the C5 folder method, I haven't been successful in hiding the C5 folder, but that may be my ignorance. The path info is located in config/site.php (and at install).
mliving replied on at Permalink Reply
If I put the entire C5 file set under a different folder will I be able to hide the folder in my website's address?

IE: C5 installed a t /

But website visitors would only see:

pginpa replied on at Permalink Reply
I still can't find where anyone has discussed the implications of placing files in root or in a subdirectory.

User 'Andrew' has (I guess) addressed the issue of hiding the subdirectory in his reply to one of my other posts, reproduced here:

It should be as easy as this
Feb 06, 2009 at 6:37 PM
1. Export and backup the database.
2. Transfer the files from the current server to the new server.
3. Modify config/site.php in this way:

Change BASE_URL to the new base domain of the new server
If the site is not at the root of the domain, change DIR_REL to be the path to the c5 install.

So, if you're site is at

you want BASE_URL = ""

and DIR_REL to be blank.

If your site is at you want it to say

DIR_REL = "/c5"

That's all you should have to do. Links should be automatically generated correctly to your updated domain.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
andrew's post is about moving a concrete5 install from one box to another.

yes you should be able to put your concrete stuff anywhere in your directory structure you want if you update the DIR_REL parameter in /config/site.php

if the question is "how do i centralize a concrete5 install so i can run multiple sites off of one set of core files" thats a problem we address in a whitepaper our hosting partners get access to:
jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply
I run a rather large main site with multiple c5 installations running off of a single core site of files. without wanting to discouraging anyone from becoming a hosting partner, I will share my experience with it. the one caveat is that you do have to have command line access and/or the ability to create symlinks (some shared hosts may not allow this).

here's how it works...

1. let's say you want c5 to run in within that dir, create symlinks to the following files (where ever else they may be on the server...they can be anywhere):
- index.php
- concrete
- blocks
- themes
- jobs

2. create true (non-symlinked) "files" and "config" directories and make sure they're writable.

3. create your database and then run the install.

you can do this in any directory on your site, and each installation will run off of a core set of application files, but they will each have their own independent installation.
Unitedpr replied on at Permalink Reply
I have my Concrete5 site running in a directory called /concrete5.3.2 that's that way the files were created when they un-zipped. How do I rename it to just /concrete5 and then go live, Do I just rename it and then move the index.php file up one directory to the root folder?
Axpt replied on at Permalink Reply
I followed your solution to hide the sub folder and I couldn't make it work.
Concrete5 is installed in folder concrete. there is also another concrete subfolder under this

I have a subdirectory 'Concrete' which the user should not see.
In config\site.php I have the following code

define('BASE_URL', '');
define('DIR_REL', '/concrete');
But I still see concrete in the Url

But If I type in the pages are redirected correctly

Any ideas how to fix it please? Could you please send me the site.php

Otherwise Concrete5 is fantastic :)
Axpt replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried to hide the Concrete folder from the URL by adding code in site.php and had no success.
I thought I could atleast rename the concrete folder name. Can anybody let me know the list of files I need to change to rename the Concrete folder. I tried renaming the folder and then changing .htaccess, Site.php, Index.php

I seem to be missing some files. Could anybody help please.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
that's just an .htaccess issue and has nothing to do with concrete5. the site.php file you're looking at handles the concrete5 redirect.