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I unzipped the files into the XAMPP directory. I have logged onto localhost/concrete5.3.0 and I was able to get to the directory. From there I clicked and got to the install page and typed in the information. I am uncertain if there are specific answers for the database information. I typed in localhost for my server. I am not sure what the MySQL name and password are ... or should be (if they are set already). Is there a correct database name? I just set up a wordpress site on my localhost and have been sold on concrete 5. I just can't get it started. I am worried that I may have set this password / username information already when I set up wordpress. Is there anyway to find out?

I attached the page I am having troubles with. Thanks for any help I can get.

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katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply

I assume that you are setting up concrete5 on XAMPP to test concrete5?

If so, I recommend to use concrete5 demo
(Just to be clear... I'm not a member of concrete5 team)
marievogler replied on at Permalink Reply
I did look into that (although I didn't do it). I am designing a site for a client - who currently has not purchased the hosting / domain. I wanted to get something in the works.

It was my understanding that the demo version is much more limited, am I right on that? I was hoping to get the site to where they want it on my localhost and then once its complete upload it to the hosting site.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
OK. got it.

This is rather a question of how to use MySQL database on XAMPP, not the question for concrete5.

ID is root
Password is left blank at default, but I think you may have to set your password.
marievogler replied on at Permalink Reply
why is ID - root?

All of what you said worked - although I did have to add a new database into XAMPP (with the address of htp://localhost) - I forgot I did that initially with wordpress as well.

Thank you!