Install worked great!

Here I am, Newbie saying my install went great! So why post? Forum gave me confidence I'd find support if it all fell to bits. I want to say thanks to everyone who's posted with problems - all helped me get a handle. I'm so pleased I found C5 and 'cos I don't know much, followed all the instructions to the letter. What helped was 1st loading C5 on WAMP localhost - gave me chance to check everything out. In dear ol' blighty I use as host - all services are there OK. Had a 'notfound' problem first off with root/concrete/libraries/loader.php line 161. Noticed filezilla transfer setting 'ASCII', deleted & set up new database & downloaded again using 'AUTO' settings. No idea if download setting made any difference, but whatever, it all works now - went like a dream. C5 Rocks!

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
And glad to hear that installation is pretty reliable... With so many environments out there it's pretty hard to get installation even close to 90%... so it's great to hear about people who can get it to work without problems..