installation configuration file?

is there a way to make a installation configuration file? there are some standard things we have to do over and over again when installing a new site for a client. (user account with only rights to edit the site, not to settings of the dashboard, but with rights to use the file explorer what i have to setup on 3(!) places in the dashboard, deleting standard themes and page types, adding own theme, and so on...)
it would be great if we could make one configuration file with setting for a standard client account and other settings, is that possible in any way?

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C5ThemeTeam replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Bart,

What I have done is created a "Master Installation" folder on my local machine with a clean installation of concrete5, all my user preferences set, etc. and all un-needed themes removed. I call this my "Master Installation" because any time I want to start a new site, I duplicate the folder, export the database as it is and then import it into a new empty database. I update the config file with the new DB details & I then have a new installation, which is a duplicate of the Master Installation which I can then work from.

See if this will work for you.
BartImpression replied on at Permalink Reply
we thought about that also. i just wanted to know if it is possible in the way i described, becouse then you can use the file with news concrete5 versions also...
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
There is something called sample content for concrete5. When you do the intial installation and are offered the basic site with the blog and the about page, this is an example of sample content. Here's an article about sample content in concrete5.

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