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I have uploaded all the files to my root directory. I have chmodded them all to 755 and done all that I am aware I have to do. What is the url I should point my browser to in order to get a hold of the installation screen? Thanks for your time and cooperation.

Luke Greenleaf

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CC3381 replied on at Permalink Reply
Try the link below. One question for you have you set up your database?
DigitalCrate replied on at Permalink Reply

If you have uploaded all of the files to the root directory, then you should just be able to navigate to your site and the set up screen should be visible.
A couple of things, as CC3381 states, you must have a database set up for C5 to install correctly, finally, assuming you uploaded the files via an ftp program, did you ensure there were no failed transfers?

Who is you web host? Some hosts require special attention, some of which can be found within the link that CC3381 kindly posted.
gishmel replied on at Permalink Reply
I dont know how to create a database without cPanel as the website is hosted on my client friends website. How does one create the database then upload it to the website? I have only ever been familiarized with phpMyAdmin. Thanks for your assistance.
CC3381 replied on at Permalink Reply

Who does your clients friend use for hosting? Most web hosts will have the ability to perform a one click install. The automatic install will take care of the installation for you. Perhaps this would be an easier path for you to take.

Best Wishes

Danny Nunez
gishmel replied on at Permalink Reply
I meant he host it himself on his own server and I dont know how to create a mysql database. How would I get a database on an II7 server? Thanks for all your help.