Installation Help!!!!(With Nas)

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I have a synology Nas ( model no.DS215J)
I try to install the concrete5 5.7 . Because the install page is blank
But i try to install concrete 5.6 . But I work!
How can I solve this problem QQ

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s00pa replied on at Permalink Reply
I had a problem installing 5.7 on the Synology as well.. it appears that some PHP packages seem to have an undefined fnmatch function (I don't know any more than that, if others want to explain further) .. in order to get the install working I had to edit the index.php file and add my own fnmatch function (which I cut and paste from another site so I'm not taking credit for it)

function fnmatch($strPattern, $strString)
// My fnmatch()
// Supports '?' and '*' as wildcards
  $intPos = 0;
    $strPatternChar = substr($strPattern, $intPos, 1);
    $strStringChar  = substr($strString, $intPos, 1);
    if ($strPatternChar == '*')
      $bolMatch = TRUE;
    $bolMatch = ($strPatternChar == $strStringChar) || ($strPatternChar == '?' && $strStringChar != '');
wsc5 replied on at Permalink Reply
your fix worked for me as well, just installed