Installation keeps failing

Sorry that this question is going to be a bit vague.

I have been trying to install concrete5.7.5.8 for the past 2-3 hours. I constantly kept getting some or the other error. It was either the folder wasn't accessible or some database error.

Finally I got an error which was more of a JSON which said the site_install.php file in the application/config folder wasn't found.

When I kept installing again and again I kept see this fine appear in the earlier steps and then disappear before the who installation.

I had to constantly keep uploading the file using FileZilla for the installation to completely go through.

Any ideas why the installation was doing this at all? Is there some bug on the installer or did I do something wrong all together for the site_install.php file to be constantly deleted by the installer?

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edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds odd, Do you have access to cpanel so you can upload as a zip file and unzip?
sraman replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes I did. The 'application/config/' folder is empty at that point and then the installation starts and the files site_install.php and site_install_user.php get added but at some point they are deleted before the installation is finished and something else wanted to use that file and it wasn't there so ended up failing.
guythomas replied on at Permalink Reply
I've struggled with this problem since the release of Concrete5.6 . It appears hosting dependent. I was struggling with it again this morning, and I made a change which allowed the installation to continue.

Add a die() statement to /concrete/controllers/install.php right at the top of the "reset()" function at line 307:

public function reset()
die("reset function invoked");
        // remove site.php so that we can try again ?
        if (is_resource($this->fp)) {
        if (file_exists(DIR_CONFIG_SITE . '/site_install.php')) {
            unlink(DIR_CONFIG_SITE . '/site_install.php');
        if (file_exists(DIR_CONFIG_SITE . '/site_install_user.php')) {
            unlink(DIR_CONFIG_SITE . '/site_install_user.php');

This disables the code which deletes the site_install file. Not sure what the side effects may be, but it allowed my installation to complete.