Installation problems on QNAP NAS Disk TS-410

Having major problems installing Concrete onto a QNAP server. mySQL etc all running with correct permissions on a suitable database for concrete5. Other PHP/mySQL web sites and apps working fine.

Running the installer there are a couple of things. Firstly the Version comparison is not available. The remedy seems to be changing permissions on concrete/libraries/3rdparty/ (which does not exist) and disabling PHP safe mode (which it is) which is all a little odd.

Running the installer it gets as far as installing automated taks and then gives the following error message


Not very useful. I can only think that there is a character encoding error (the database has utf8_general_ci set).

It works when I install everything on a MacPro running Lion so I know my install "formula" works.

Any help would be appreciated


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