Installation Folder and Permissions

I prefer to install C5 in a sub-folder for example public_html/c5 and from reading understand this is ok. My question is, are there any downsides to having it in a sub-folder which may cause me problems later on?

With regard to Folder permissions I have all folders set to: 775, except /config, /files, /packages which are 777 and concrete/libraries/3rdparty/ which is 755. I am running C5 on a VPS.

I have read and some other posts and I am not sure I see a clear answer to how best to set folder permissions. Are my settings correct or can they be made more secure?

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
there really is no down side to installing in a sub folder,
invision replied on at Permalink Reply
From a technical perspective, I don't believe installing in a subfolder/subdirectory will affect the performance.

FWIW, from an SEO perspective, I believe the search engines prefer a root domain (i.e. vs. for higher page rank for the home page.
nevf replied on at Permalink Reply
I am not concerned about performance, just things that may not work correctly.

Re. SEO if the .htaccess file is used to redirect to the folder C5 is installed in, then won't the search engines just see the root domain?

invision replied on at Permalink Reply
I didn't see this sooner, but for future reference... it's my understanding the search engines will ding you for redirects. I know that's a problem with javascript redirects, not sure about .htaccess.