Installing and building site on VPS prior to having a domain

I'm wondering how this would work out.

For example, my VPS can be accessed at an IP address like ""
The domain is registered elsewhere. I would like to install and build the site on the VPS then point the domain there once the site is completed. Would I simply need to change BASE_URL in the configuration to achieve this without breaking paths or causing problems?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
If you don't set any Canonical URLs in /dashboard/system/seo/urls, concrete5 should serve from any domain/IP that requests it. Also keep caching off until you've running on the live domain.

We'll regularly develop locally for example, on my local machine 'clank', so I'll use something likehttp://cattoys.clank as the development URL. We'll then copy up the whole site to a server and it'll run off of the new domain without any other changes.

It's recommended that once you are running on the live domain (and if you are running a site on a VPS that isn't using virtual hosts) to populate the Canonical URLs, it helps prevent a very specific security issue I believe.