Installing Concrete5 on IIS 7 errors


I have a virtual windows server and i am trying to get concrete5 to run on it - so far with no success.
I am using IIS 7 and i also have plesk control panel installed.

This is the concrete5 folder, with all the installation errors:

I have also created an info.php file:

I tried searching for a solution for each problem in the forums, but i haven't been able to solve any so far.

The thing i find most weird is that it says i only have php 5.1 installed, but when i check the info file i can see i have php 5.2 installed.

Any help would be much appreciated,

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robi replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Okay i managed to fix all my problems.

I did 2 things that helped:
1. I upgraded to the latest version of php(5.3).

2. I noticed when i was accessing concrete5, i wasn't using index.php at the end of the url, and so IIS was redirecting to a different version of php. Once i added index.php to the url everything was fixed :).
Later i also fixed IIS to work without index.php.