Installing Concrete5 on

I have tryed to install it like 5 times but every time it come to index.php/install/-/configure/ i just get a white page, why is that?

Im useing

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pairosto replied on at Permalink Reply
As i have learned, are using a different kind of PHP-version (PHP 5.3.x).

I have been in touch with myself and asked them to switch my account to a PHP 5.2.x instead, but the response was negative.

My advise to you is to switch to another CSM-program that works with or simply change to another host.

Best Regards
lehtivaara replied on at Permalink Reply
This will not help you mayby, but i host a site on ONE.COM and it works fine.
PHP 5.3 and Concrete 5.3.2

But have to turn off all PHP error message, I get some errors. But that can be something else.
Register Globals I have set to off.

noxy replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah i will try that , thanks!